This Camel Is a Major Trouble Maker



Every country has them – buttinsky mothers-in-law!

A camel has come between a happily-married couple. It began when the wife who lives in Saudi Arabia kissed a camel.

She did it out of spontaneous joy because their animals were making money for them.

Her mother-in-law was less than thrilled and said it was sacrilegious an against religious traditions. She told her son to divorce his wife. He has sided with her and agrees with the wife that the family is upset because she hasn’t had a baby yet.

The husband doesn’t believe she did anything wrong.

The wife has moved back with her family and plans to live back with her husband as long as it’s not also with the mother.





  1. Let’s see.

    Mother-in-law gets pissed because the wife kisses a camel who is probably a better kisser than hubby but if hubby (mother-in-law’s son) makes it with a goat, well that is just fine and dandy aka the way in the wonderful world of Islam (sarcasm) it should be.

    Am I detecting a double standard here?

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