This Gets Filed Under WTH & OMG Third Grade Math Questions


These were the questions on a home math assignment for third graders in Gwinette, Georgia. The children learned about slavery in social studies and the math problems were part of a cross-curriuculum effort to reinforce what they learned.

Needless to say, they did not go over well with parents who saw them as anywhere from callous to racist. Personally, I think they can add dumb to that list.

The district admits that the questions were inappropriate, but school spokesperson, Sloan Roach, said she didn’t believe the teachers were being intentionally insensitive. “This is simply a case of creating a bad question,” said Roach.

She said the questions won’t be used again and the district will talk to the teachers involved, and all of the teachers in the school to make sure they ask better questions.[Editor’s Note – not sure why they’d involve the other teachers, who are probably ready to shun those two rogues for making them all look bad]

Ironically, the Third Grade curriculum for Gwinette Schools lists the following on its second page, “Since its inception in 1996, GCPS’ AKS curriculum has reflected the collective wisdom of thousands of educators and community members who worked together to determine what students need to know and be able to do in order to be successful at the next grade level and in the future.