This Is How the Highest Taxed County in the U.S. Gets Its Dubious Title


There are 172 police communications operators in Nassau County, Long Island  and 90% of them are women. In 2005, a lawsuit on behalf of 150 911 female operators was filed on the basis of gender discrimination because they said the fire communications operators, mostly men, were paid more. They won and were given the $10,000 they asked for plus step increases which put their salaries over those of their male fire communication workers.

So guess what the men did? That’s right, they filed suit for equal pay and back wages. The men claim they are owed roughly $40,000 – $100,000.  The President of the 911 union (Civil Service Employees Union), Gary Volpe, said, “The county needs to make the working class whole. We should get what we are owed.

They are asking for a lot more than pay from 20005, however, and they want punitive damages for being discriminated against.

So this is one way a county gets to be the highest taxed – poor administration, lawyers looking for suits, and costly unions. I don’t understand how you level the playing field by leveling the playing field badly and then leveling it again.

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