This Is Our Future Under Leftist Higher Education – Get Used to It


From Muslim students shutting down free speech to ROTC cadets marching in red high heels, our future educational system under leftist fascism is not looking pretty.

College is under mandatory PC pandering even to foreign ideologies.

Hamas-linked CAIR had demanded Brooklyn College not allow Pamela Geller to speak. She did speak and wait until you see what took place.

Check out the students praising the rise of ISIS at Brooklyn College, which Pamela Geller has posted on Twitter and on her website.

Here are the students screaming, “Don’t come back” and “Allahu Akbar” as Pamela Geller leaves the college after her speech.

Then there is the infantilizing of college students.

Megyn Kelly interviewed one scholar who became a victim of leftists who didn’t like what she had to say.

At Oberlin College, Christina Hoff Sommers, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, gave a speech on the leftists’ feigned victimization mentality and “the campus rape culture”. She doesn’t follow the company line and precipitated “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” for students to go.

trigger warning

Apparently, hearing the truth about the “women’s grievance industry” is very traumatic. Megyn Kelly has more on her website.

We can also expect to see the feminizing of our military.

Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) cadets at Arizona State University and Temple University in Philadelphia, Penn. were forced to wear red high heels during a recent sexual violence awareness event, according to Campus Reform.

Cadets at ASU were required to participate in a sexual awareness event which was part of the nationwide “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” campaign—described by organizers as an “international men’s march to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence”—or face a negative counseling mark on their record.

As participants, the cadets were asked to purchase and wear red high heels as a symbolic gesture to support of victims of sexual violence, and if they didn’t there would be a loss of credits.


Another form of infantilizing and limiting free speech is in the shutting down of, not only speakers, but movies as well. It’s something like burning books.

At the University of Maryland, the movie “American Sniper” was canceled. Muslim students protested – calling the film Islamophobic, racist and nationalistic.

“American Sniper only perpetuates the spread of Islamophobia and is offensive to many Muslims around the world for good reason,” read a petition launched by the university’s Muslim Students Association. “This movie dehumanizes Muslim individuals, promotes the idea of senseless mass murder, and portrays negative and inaccurate stereotypes.”

People can get their college’s freedom rating at FIRE.

Many colleges have at least one policy that seriously restricts free speech. Columbia University in New York gets a red light for their email usage. Their rule: “No User of University email may take any of the following actions: … Send obscene, harassing, offensive or other unwelcome messages.”

“Unwelcome messages” could mean anything.

This is what fascism looks like.