This Is What Brought Megyn Kelly and Marc Thiessen to Laughter and Megyn to Exclaim, “These Are Lies”


Thiessen, Kelly, Zimmerman

There was a funny shootout over the Hillary Clinton email scandal on The Kelly File last night which brought Megyn Kelly and Marc Thiessen to laughter. Thiessen and Kelly obviously thought they were going to have a debate.

A Democratic strategist came on the show to tell a tall tale about the Hillary Clinton scandal that was the exact opposite of the truth. That is the new strategy – lie unabashedly through one’s teeth.

It is the strategy coming out from the Hillary supporters with the help of faux Republican Colin Powell who appeared on ABC This Week in early March to prop up the new narrative.

Getting back to the shootout, Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman said at one point it’s not about Hillary Clinton, “Let’s not change the rules here. Hillary by every measure has followed the standard on the federal records act,” he said lying through his teeth.

There was a lengthy exchange and Zimmerman presented his case with no small amount of snide condescension.

“While you’re targeting Hillary Clinton, she not only followed the same protocol as Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell,” Zimmerman said.

“No she didn’t”, Megyn said in laughing disbelief.

“Unlike Colin Powell, she turned over all her personal emails.” Zimmerman lied.

Megyn put her head in her hands and laughed, “No she didn’t.” Looking up laughing, she said, “These are lies!”

Megyn and Thiessen burst out laughing as Zimmerman blathered.

“Did Condi Rice have a home-brew server? Did she destroy 31,000 emails? Thiessen asked sardonically.”Are you kidding me? She used an official State Department email account. All the records are there. Where are the 31,000 emails Hillary Clinton destroyed, Thiessen asked while Zimmerman repeated, “Colin Powell, Colin Powell…”

Zimmerman said, “Excuse me Mark, you can talk over me, but you can’t change the facts,” which brought more laughter from Thiessen. Zimmerman said “Colin Powell had a personal email account, he destroyed all his personal emails that dealt with government business.Hillary turned over her personal emails to the State Department….”

After another brief exchange, Megyn said, “The difference is neither Colin Powell nor Condileeza Rice did all their emailing business on their own home-brew server and that’s the distinction here Robert. All of their documents were in the custody of State, no one had to ask for them back.”

“That’s incorrect Megyn,” Zimmerman interjected.

“It is not incorrect,” Megyn retorted.”He has all his official business on his official state email, no one is claiming that Hillary was not allowed to use personal email anything but everyone to a man, other than in Hillary Clinton’s camp, said it was highly unusual, irregular, and unprecedented for her to do what she did by controlling everything, having it offsite.”

Zimmerman was not deterred and condescendingly suggested Megyn read the Foreign Affairs Manual to “see just how legal and appropriate this was.”

Megyn made a suggestion to him which drew some applause from whoever was in the studio after he blathered mindlessly about “empty scandals”.

Thiessen explained to Zimmerman that his fight wasn’t with him or Republicans, “it’s with the American Foreign Service Association which is not part of the vast right-wing conspiracy which wants to know why is Hillary Clinton and political appointees above the rules of career foreign services.”

At one point, Zimmerman wouldn’t stop talking and Megyn had to tell him to “zip it.” 

This is the strategy – lie.

When Colin Powell made his appearance on This Week, he said the State Department system was antiquated but he used it to get everyone else to. He didn’t keep his emails but, as he said,

And, in fact, a lot of the e-mails that came out of my personal account went into the State Department system. They were addressed to State Department employees and the domain. But I don’t know if the servers the State Department captured those or not.

Powell also said he destroyed his emails and didn’t know if they were on the State Department servers. It appeared to be an attempt to show there was no reason to be concerned about where emails were kept due to State Department failings.

The new strategy is don’t believe your lying eyes, Colin accidentally had his emails on the State Department system, he threw away his emails also, everyone did it because the system was antiquated though he updated it, and it’s a right-wing conspiracy.

Watch the exchange:



  1. It’s so very clear, that Robert Zimmerman has got his head so far up Hillary Clinton’s ass that he simply can’t see straight. And all he can try to do is obfuscate, obfuscate, when confronted with the truth. And the truth hurts: Clinton’s an outright liar. And, he’s nothing more than a silly looking little girly man grasping at straws in his futile attempt at saving the “queen.”

  2. George Zimmerman need to keep his mouth shut, and if he can’t someone should close it permanently for him!!!

    • I wish Robert Zimmerman would NEVER be invited to appear on Fox News, not just Kelly’s show bit all shows. He is pain in the azz!!

  3. I have adopted the policy of turning off Kelly when Zimmerman is a guest. He is a disgusting little man who is nothing more than a Democrat talking points robot!

  4. I actually shut off Kelly a few weeks after the whole Trump incident she has not got over it and is still after him can’t let it go plus all this stupid laughs and bad little jokes when she looks to her camara people and try’s to be funny it’s so in professional it’s annoying to be honest

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