This Is What Our ‘Heartbroken’ President Did After Ft. Hood


Obama toast

President Obama seen here giving one of his many toasts

Running in between two fundraisers in Chicago is challenging but President Obama did touch on the tragedy at Ft. Hood before each of two fundraisers yesterday. “We’re heartbroken that something like this might have happened again,” Obama told reporters on his way to his first fundraiser in the Chicago Cut Steakhouse.

He said the situation was “fluid right now”. The fundraiser in the Steakhouse included 55 donors who had to give at least $10,000 to be there.

“Obviously, this reopens the pain of what happened at Fort Hood five years ago,” he said.

At the second fundraiser, in the home of two bundlers, he said the situation was being monitored. Not by him of course, he was at fundraisers.

President Obama doesn’t go to his hometown of Chicago very often. Chicago isn’t doing very well.

Chicago faces bankruptcy for one thing. They have unsustainable debt.

In terms of crime and poverty, Chicago leads the nation. That isn’t why the president was there. He was there to convince the voters to promote more of the policies that put Chicago in their unenviable situation.

He was there because Gov. Pat Quinn is in trouble and faces a tough challenge in this next election from his Republican rival, Bruce Rauner.

With Valerie Jarrett and Henry Munoz by his side, he promoted his message of income inequality, something his policies have greatly contributed to.  He said Chicago is a city of immigrants that started off with nothing and built something. Sadly, they still have too much nothing. No part of Obama’s policies are about making the United States freer and richer. They foster dependency.

Senator Cornyn is currently at Ft. Hood, not the president – a senator. The president is busy running between fundraisers and they are very challenging as we know. While the Benghazi attack was going on, he had to fly to a fundraiser in Las Vegas. It’s been like that for him.