This Is When You Have Permission to Say ‘All Lives Matter’


Black Lives Matter

The #BlackLivesMatter group is a professionally organized “grass roots” movement funded by radical Socialist George Soros. They go from venue to venue disrupting ceremonies, upsetting people at lunch, and shouting down politicians giving speeches.

One thing – among many things – they can’t tolerate is people transforming their slogan in any way. If anyone says blue lives matter or all lives matter they become incensed. However, you are now allowed to say all lives matter if a police officer is murdered and in certain other situations, according to a left-wing campaign aide and pundit.

The vicious murder of a Memphis police officer during a traffic stop was the impetus for this discussion on The Kelly File Monday evening. Memphis police officer Sean Bolton was shot in the face repeatedly for no reason by a felon who didn’t want to be arrested for possession of drugs. There won’t be any riots or protests for Sean Bolton but we are allowed to say his life mattered. We have permission.

Mark Hannah explains when it is okay to say all lives matter.