This Is Why Facebook Is Allegedly Blocking Right-Leaning Content

Syrian refugees walk towards Greece's border with Macedonia, moments before crossing near the Greek village of Idomeni, September 9, 2015. Most of the people flooding into Europe are refugees fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries who have a legal right to seek asylum, the United Nations said on Tuesday. REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY - RTS96P
Syrian refugees walk towards Greece’s border with Macedonia, moments before crossing near the Greek village of Idomeni, September 9, 2015.  REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis

Facebook is blocking right-wing content primarily because of Facebook’s support for illegal and legal immigration and massive refugee migration according to a Breitbart report.

It’s possibly everything not leftist that they object to in fact, but the massive influx of foreigners is key to our fundamental transformation into one-party, globalist governance. Breitbart and others might have it right.

Last August, Facebook banned four reports by The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) about the impact of mass migration on US jobs and wages. When they complained, Facebook officials said the articles were marked “abusive” in error and the ban would be lifted.

CIS remains doubtful and has not been approached directly by Facebook, who only informed media outlets.

“It is interesting that of the many reports published by the Center, only the reports relating to immigration’s impact on the U.S. job market were blocked by Facebook,” the CIS spokesman said. “The government data showed that American workers are clearly impacted by high levels of immigration– information imperative to the immigration policy debate.”

“Every time I threaten to take legal action [against Facebook’s censorship], I get the same response: ‘Glitch. Mistake. Sorry.’” said anti-amnesty filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch. “It is total censorship, and there is no question it is an effort by those at Facebook who want to muffle the sounds of people like myself,” Lynch said. “It’s a total cover up.”

You can read the entire report at Breitbart.

The massive invasion of foreigners is fundamentally transforming our politics and our culture. The proponents are planting seedlings as we have been told (see the linked story below). These seeds of New Americans being planted throughout the nation will one day grow, spread out and replace the Americans who remember the country is a Republic.

As Refugee Resettlement Watch reported, the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program is looking for ways to expand in all of the US cities and towns.  The government no longer follows the law as we know and anyone can now sponsor a refugee, even if the person is barely here or very young or has three heads. If there is one person in a town, they are listed as sponsors. Then, once here, the refugee brings the entire family into the country and not just immediate family.

The new Affirmatively Furthering Housing rule will allow the government to put these New Americans wherever they want without resistance.

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    • Facebook is bringing about their own demise. I always thought they were neutral . Now I see they are blatantly leaning to the leftist liberal agenda. For their info, the Libs are losing the battle , and that will do away with Facebook and open a neutral social media.

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