This Is Why You Don’t Give to Panhandlers


An elderly woman in Oklahoma City got caught getting into her bright new 2013 car by a man who had been giving her money every day when he saw her begging. The man, identified as Daniel Ayala by KFOR TV, was very angry that he was giving her money when he didn’t have money for food himself.

He didn’t like being hoodwinked after being so generous.

Among other things, he shouted this at her:

“You got a better car than me.”

“This is crazy! You are asking for money in the middle of street and you drive a 2013 car?”

“Listen, I work hard for my money. I don’t appreciate this sh*t. And that’s why people like you take advantage of people like me. This is bullsh*t!”

The language got much saltier and if you can stand it, listen to the video. It’s pretty funny.

I really like Daniel Ayala.

This is the link to the video uploaded to Facebook by a woman named Brandi Newman who taped the incident when she saw this go down as she got into her car with her son. She too had been giving this woman money.

Newman says the 78-year-old’s family contacted her on Facebook and told her their grandmother has a panhandling permit, according to KFOR TV.

A panhandling permit?

The panhandler’s family says their grandmother “isn’t doing anything illegal,” and claim they are appalled by the video.

She may not be doing anything illegal but it sure sounds unethical. I don’t know why they’re appalled if they think it’s such a good thing. They should want everyone to see this woman’s humanitarian needs and deeds.

The video has over 2 million views.

Watch if you don’t mind vulgar language: