This ISIS Militant’s Interview Began Okay But Ended Badly


Jihadist bites the dust copy

An ISIS terrorist – a beheader – was being interviewed when a French mortar hit. Both he and the ISIS cameraman were blitzed.


The French  have been bombarding ISIS strongholds since they attacked Paris. Russia has also been hitting terrorist targets while the US mostly sits it out.

Warning, the video is very disturbing. After the mortar hits, you can hear high-pitched screams. It is one less beheader, however.

Source: Express UK


  1. one less terrorist; and although the journalist’s death was unfortunate, i’d question the motive behind the interview. historically, in asymmetrical warfare, it’s incumbent on the media to provide both sides of the conflict; nicaragua, croatia, and afghanistan come to mind. in each conflict it was important for the world to know first-hand the opposition’s argument, but not so much with daesh. we’ve known since 9-11 they want to convert us or kill us.

    just an aside, but i’d be wary of the recent congressional push for ‘safe areas’ inside syria and iraq. ostensibly these ‘no-fly’ zones would ‘provide humanitarian relief’ for the conflict displaced populace; a great idea, but 3 years too late. my guess is someone wants sanctuary for isis since mr. putin and mr. hollande have begun exercising their 2nd amendment rights…b

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