This University Posted a Glossary of Gender Terms You’re Allowed to Use


The state that proudly displays a statue of Lenin in a main square in Seattle, has the state university you’d expect. They posted their official “Working Glossary of Terms” that the University of Washington uses for students to figure out how to identify themselves.

If you click the link, you will find that male and female are not among the choices because they represent a micro aggression. Cisgender is your only choice. Physical sex determines gender apparently.

The University wants people to use these well-researched terms and not go outside the box because these are culturally sensitive and, according to them are common usage and generally appropriate.

Stud, switch and top take on a totally different meaning from any many are aware of. Pregnancy is “assigned”.

Just look through it yourself. It’s too much for me to learn just so I can be a PC Marxist. Male and Female work just fine for me.

statue of Lenin

Last year, the University of Washington’s “academic student employees” voted on making hurting someone’s feelings “grievable” micro aggressions under their union’s contract with the school.

A project at the university explored the history of communism in Washington and came up with this:

Communism made a larger impact on Washington than almost any other state. “There are forty-seven states in the Union, and the Soviet of Washington,” Postmaster General James Farley joked in 1936. The remark, for all its exaggeration, had some foundation.

The Communist movement, founded in 1919, caught on quickly in the Pacific Northwest, picking up members from the fading Industrial Workers of the World and Socialist Party. In the 1930s the CP played key roles in the strikes and campaigns that built some of the region’s most powerful unions and used that base to influence other institutions. The Washington Commonwealth Federation, the Washington Pension Union and to some extent the state’s Democratic party organization responded to these popular front initiatives. Running as Democrats, Communists won some important public offices, including a seat in Congress.

Communism, cultural Marxism, a socialist on the Seattle city council. statues of Lenin, all in Washington state.