Thousands of Bikers Ride on DC in Honor of Our Fallen Americans!


Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder

Thousands of bikers are riding through DC.

HuffPo gave them some attention today, writing that bikers think terrorist equates with Muslim. That would be like saying all Catholics want to bomb abortion clinics. Oh, wait, liberals do say that. They even put Catholics and Evangelicals down as terrorists in their army training manuals. But that is for another article.

No one thinks that a Muslim should ever be treated badly or looked down upon because a minority are trying to kill us, but when you have a renegade Muslim group marching on DC claiming that they are victims of 9/11, it does get peoples’ attention.

Enough of the PC! Enough of the stereotyping of traditional Americans!

This ride is not about the renegade Muslims who are marching on DC. It’s meant to honor the fallen. The people riding are not criminals as the left would have you believe. Many are police officers and are members of biker clubs.

These bikers are riding for the 9/11/01, 9/11/12 victims! They are riding for the fallen – our brave military, police, firefighters, Ambassadors, diplomats and no leftist has the right to trivialize that.

Go to marezilla for updates!

More on the bikers later!