Thousands of Giant African Snails Invade Southern Florida


images photo of the 8.5″ Giant African Snail

A Giant African Snail is currently eating its way through stucco in Southern Florida. The homes in Southern Florida are mostly made of stucco!

The snail eats anything in sight including 500 types of plants and even car tires. It can grow to 8.5″ in length.

The snail also carries a parasite called rat lungworm which can lead to meningitis in humans who come in contact with it. Produce that have come in contact with the snail has to be washed thoroughly and people shouldn’t handle the snails.

No one has gotten ill from the snails yet.

The snails live for 9 years and start producing eggs four months after birth. They can each lay 1200 eggs a year.

A number of years ago, there was an invasion after a boy released three of them. They captured 18,000 at the time.

This time they captured 117,000. I didn’t know what they meant by “captured” because last year, DC had an invasion of rodents left behind by the not-so-clean occupiers and DC law requires the government to humanely “capture” the rodents and release them back into the wild. Maryland and Virginia quickly looked at passing new laws which banned DC from releasing their rodents in Virginia or Maryland.

As it turns out, the bait that captures the snails causes them to ooze and die. Sounds good to me.

I hope PETA doesn’t form a People for the Protection of Giant African Snails wing.

Read more about how cute they are at Reuters.

Reuters is daft.