Three NATO Soldiers Murdered by Afghans in Army Uniforms

Green-on-blue Violence Increases

At least three NATO troops from Australia have been killed by four Afghans dressed in army uniform as the green-on-blue attacks continue. Two attackers and two pairs of brothers tied to the government were also killed in the bombing attack.

Forty-five NATO forces have been killed this year, 34 were Americans. The attack took place in southern Afghanistan. Details are slowly leaking out.

The attack took place in southern Afghanistan on Tuesday, NATO said, but it did not give the exact location nor the nationalities of those killed.

The term “green on blue” comes from the color-coding systems used by the US military. There are 130,000 NATO troops (blue) and 350,000 (green) Afghans fighting alongside against insurgents.

Gen. Martin Dempsey, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said there is an eight-step vetting process but the trend is continuing. The numbers have increased sharply. However, civilians casualties have fallen this year.

Source: CNN