Throw Enemies of the Constitution “In the Garbage”


Ryan Cooper recently penned a denunciation of the Constitution for This Week. “The American Constitution is an outdated, malfunctioning piece of junk,” he said, “and it’s only getting worse.”

Mr. Cooper argues the Constitution is “terrible” and he wants “to throw it in the garbage”.

The problem as he sees it is “elections generally do not produce functioning governments.” His articles proposes reforms to make government more accountable. Some of his reforms would destroy the Constitution.

Mr. Cooper’s solutions are to make the smaller states irrelevant by neutering the “odious’ Senate.

Democrats in general have trouble seeing the value of small states having a voice. Along with eliminating the Senate, they and Mr. Cooper would like to get rid of the Electoral College.

Also on Cooper’s list of reforms is to elect the President from the House. Once done, he wants to change the way the House is elected, bringing in third party candidates.

Doing away with the two-party system, with all its flaws, is what they do in Banana Republics and less successful nations. Under such a system, almost anyone can get on the ballot. Candidates with only 20% of the vote can become President.

His last and most radical reform is “to throw the Constitution in the garbage”, which is what the Democrats are gradually doing anyway. From illegal immigration to marijuana use, they ignore the law when it suits them. If it feels good, they want to do it.

While acknowledging the catastrophic possibilities should that happen, Cooper thinks the solution is to institute his reforms.

As one example of how this would work, we only need to look at illegal immigration. Arguments for it are based on humanitarianism and, if you disagree, you’re a racist. Most of the world is populated by people of color so that’s an easy card to play.

Without the rule of law to guide us, foreigners are pouring in illegally: advocating for their beliefs politically; collecting our welfare and benefits without having contributed; altering our culture; and stepping on the rights of the less-favored citizens.


According to the open borders groups, the lawless sanctuary locales are growing, numbering over 1600. It doesn’t count whole states that follow the practice.

Violating the Constitution in the name of humanitarianism is an effective approach in creating a one party America since most illegals will vote Democrat. It is at the same time creating a lawless United States.

Small price to pay for Democrats.

Faith groups are easy allies because humanitarianism is their guiding principle. There are over 700 faith communities committed to sanctuary, the open borders groups report. We have no reason to doubt it.

The churches are a problem because they are putting feelings over the rule of law while collecting money and parishioners at the same time.

As an example of how they are a problem. Two criminal illegals in Connecticut recently found sanctuary in a church. They are being protected despite having broken our laws.

Sanctuary wasn’t intended for this purpose. It came at a time when brutal persecution was a dominant threat in lawless places without a Constitution. Sanctuary is no longer relevant. In fact, it goes against our Constitution.

It isn’t the right-wing who are racists for wanting a lawful, orderly process of immigration. Rather it is those who insist only people of color be given preference. Indeed, Nancy Pelosi called a plan to legalize millions of illegal aliens, an attempt to make America white again.


The left wants to import Democrats to establish their electoral majority and one party system as we see in California and other once-liberal, now-statist states.

As the imported Democrats grow in numbers, so will the leftist, one party system. It’s not conjecture, it’s fact.

At the State of the Union tomorrow night, the manipulative left will pour in illegal alien youth, no doubt the best of the best. Nowhere in sight will be the MS-13, the terrorists, or the ungrateful Reconquistas.

For his part, President Trump will spotlight the mother of an MS-13 victim. The victims are the forgotten people Democrats never mention.


Getting back to why we have the rule of law. It’s to protect all of us, on every side of the aisle.

Look at all the disinterested and ill-informed people who know nothing of our nation’s rule of law or how government works. Consider the special interests and corporations who fight rule by the people and who are willing to take advantage of the useful idiots. The different sides of the political aisle all have points to make and a say in governance because of the Constitution and the balance of power.

What if the Constitution is abandoned and one extreme becomes the sole voice? What we will be left with is no choice, abuse of power, criminalization of opponents, weaponization of the agencies and tools of government, and the apathetic, useful idiots will sit back and watch.

Without the rule of law, we are subject to the whims of whoever is in power and that time.


  1. The Constitution “provides” for what he desires. It is called the Article V Convention of States. He only has to convince a 2/3 majority of the States to agree. Surely there is such a significant majority that his wishes could be adopted, or maybe it’s just “delusions of the mind”.

  2. “elections generally do not produce functioning governments.” …………UUUUHHHH Mr Cooper its the people that keep voting back in to office the same dysfunctional idiots, that’s a lot of the reason why our government doesn’t function the way the founders envisioned, now get lost idiot

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