Tim Bishop & Barack Obama Tyrannically Decide Which Constituents They Will Represent


Tim Bishop is our modern day Admiral Montagu and, like Montagu, he doesn’t like citizens who revolt against high taxation and an overreaching government bureaucracy.

Admiral Montagu was the British commander who stationed his warships outside Boston harbor so he could levy the King George III tea tax on the rebellious citizens.

On the night of the Boston Tea Party, Montagu is said to have come ashore and exchanged sarcastic barbs with the tea partiers as they tossed tea into the waters off Boston harbor. The Admiral was a small man in a dandy uniform.

The Barack Obama campaign on the North Fork sent out the email below which makes it quite clear that Barack Obama and Tim Bishop only represent some of the people and the Tea Party members are not among the chosen.

Are we Russia yet?

Tim Bishop had a town hall back in 2009 that included citizens who were unimpressed with his performance. Their questions were laced with frustration and anger. Most were elderly, some were veterans, there were soccer mom types, some used walkers, canes and one was in a wheelchair. Many said they were Tea Party members. Mr. Bishop called the police and pretended he was afraid. I say pretend because I can’t imagine anyone being afraid of the people in attendance.

Since then, Mr. Bishop generally held invitation-only town halls. He had telephone town halls but questions were monitored. I was invited to them because I was an Independent. I asked a politely-phrased question his people didn’t like on two separate occasions and was immediately disconnected.

He has recently held some nonsensical meetings with the elderly to tell them that he is cutting waste and fraud in Medicare, which I’m sure is uppermost in their minds [irony]. As they left, they were given taxpayer-funded shopping bags and pens.

He is branching out and having in-the-flesh town halls now but people who disagree or who represent the conservative right are not welcomed to voice their opinions and they will not be listened to in any case.

Mr. Bishop is a far left elite from the Hamptons who hangs with movie stars and upper crust corporate types. He sounds conservative and votes far left.

Mr. Bishop Partying with Michael Heitner & Alan Cumming

At best, he’s a rubber stamp for Barack Obama.


Tim Bishop’s claims are diametrically opposed to the facts and the following are a few examples –

  • He says he is protecting Long Island jobs but unemployment is climbing and is at 7.4%, up from 6.7% a year ago.
  • He helped push through Obamacare with an IPAB panel. He pretends he is against IPAB but every time he has an opportunity to vote against it, he votes for it. IPAB is the panel of 15 unelected elite who will decide your healthcare choices should Obamacare be enshrined into law. It operates as a government-within-a-government and is controlled only by the Executive Branch of government.
  • He claims he is against illegal immigration since he voted for the border fence but he continually votes for every benefit for illegals. He how has a social worker to help expedite Obama’s Homeland Security directive stopping deportation of certain young illegals. Our unemployment is rising, where’s our social worker? Something needs to be done for these youths, but not unconstitutionally.
  • He obtains taxpayer funds for veterans, such as a gift of $.40 a mile for veterans to travel between their homes and the VA hospital, but he has voted to defund the troops in the field twice.

He has the same habit as Barack Obama – he uses taxpayer money to buy votes.

Here is the email excluding Tea Party members from attending his town hall –

OFA North Fork

June 20, 2012

Tim Bishop at BookHampton in Mattituck this Saturday

Join Congressman Tim Bishop for a “Town Hall” Meeting and Q&A.

Date: Saturday, June 23
Time: 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Location: 50 Love Lane, Mattituck

Tea Bag Alert:
We hear the Tea Party will be the uninvited guests — and the Bishop campaign has asked us to counter them. Congressman Bishop would appreciate a strong show of support. Please try to be there and ask your friends to join you.

Please let us know if you will be there.
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