Tim Bishop Supports the OWS


Tim Bishop has came out in support of the OWS. Speaking before a Sachem High School East class in government and politics, Tim Bishop said that “It’s emblematic of the sentiment of our country. There is an enormous disparity in income in our country.” He then went on to spread an anti-capitalism message, ignoring the crony capitalism of Barack Obama, while promoting class warfare.

The Democrats are jumping on the OWS message of “end capitalism” and “overthrow the government.”

I am posting this video because I want to point to the hypocrisy of the movement. Four minutes in, a young man starts screaming, “Help us…” This young man is a trust fund baby – he is an heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune. The OWS movement has one primary goal, re-elect Barack Obama, not because they are all thrilled with him, but because he’s the furthest left philosophically that they can hope for at this time. If you don’t believe me, go down and see for yourself, stay for hours, talk with them, walk into the middle of the groups, and listen.