Tim Bishop’s War on Baby Girls


“I’m sorry, it’s a girl, where’s the trash can?”
~ Borat, after delivering a baby in the comedy, The Dictator

Most sex-selection abortions are aimed at baby girls. Since a baby’s gender cannot be determined until about 5 months, after the baby has developed fully, sex-selection abortions must be late term abortions.

Aborting a baby because of its gender is barbaric. Are we civilized or are we savages?

Passing a law banning these types of abortions is an important statement about who we are as a people. It does not in any way imply that abortion will be banned.

Yesterday, the House voted down The Prenatal Gender Selection Act, HR 3541. It would have banned doctors from knowingly aborting a baby because of gender.

The reason given for voting it down is that it puts doctors in danger of being prosecuted if they abort a baby even if they don’t know the reason. That is a lie.

The fact is that the bill protects doctors in that there is no expectation of discovery on the doctor’s part.

Protecting doctors is a sham argument made for political purposes and it is promulgated by the extreme-abortion crowd.

The congressman in CD-1 on Long Island, Tim Bishop, reportedly a Catholic (a bad one obviously), voted against the bill. He apparently believes it is okay to abort a baby because it is a girl, and in some cases a boy.

He can try and use the excuse that it would endanger doctors but only a fool would believe that after reading the bill. Check out HR 3541 for yourself here.

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