Time Is Running Out: Common Core Must Go – Completely


Common Core must be abolished and it cannot be reworked and the reason is this: by accepting Common Core, states have agreed to relinquish their authority to the federal government. They have handed over control of the content of curricula to the government and the government is irrevocably in bed with the publishing companies.

The states have in essence turned over all responsibility for the standards, the testing, and the curricula to national groups who haven’t even committed to updating or fixing the standards.

If you want control of education kept local, the standards must go. They can be reworked and handled in a different way but this isn’t the way.

Common Core cannot be repaired. States were given millions in “Race to the Top” monies to put Common Core standards in place and they were granted waivers from its evil cousin, “No Child Left Behind”. Many politicians don’t even know much about it. If they did, one has to hope it would never have gotten as far as it has.

The idea of common standards, without the rubbish curricula being sold by publishers and without the stupefyingly automaton testing program, is a good one. Unfortunately, Common Core has turned education over to a massive bureaucracy and mega-corporations who stand to make enormous profits off it.

Instead of fostering competition and choice, it is shoving one-size-fits-all down our throats.

If you are in New York, this is the eve of the vote for the Regents. Please write to your senators and assemblymen and tell them whether or not you want new Regents members. Click here for assembly members. Click here for senators. View the lifestream voting in the assembly on this link.

Heritage Foundry had the following example posted of an 8th grade math assignment that focuses on the abstract concepts and abandons formulas.  Research has shown the abstract concepts like this only begin at this age for some, not all and certainly not for many learning disabled students who are struggling with other issues.

Does this problem look challenging or confusing?

8th homework

How about this second grade problem?

CC 2nd grade

In the next problem, the child got the answer correct but lost two points for not doing the unnecessary extra steps. The lesson is meant to generalize the concept but this is only second grade.

2nd grade part two