Time to Send Obama’s Occupiers Home

Time To End This. This Is What Our President Supports & Encourages

This is just like the tea party. Remember how many dead bodies they found at those rallies? Oh, I forgot, there weren’t any. At Occupy Atlanta, the poor hygiene has led to two cases of TB.

The NY Post reports that a man was found shot dead in the Oakland occupation but the protesters say it had nothing to do with them. It’s merely one of those daily Oakland occurrences say the protesters.

Reuters reported a man died at the Salt Lake City occupation from a drug overdose or carbon monoxide poisoning from a stove. They found a syringe near the stove.

CBS reports that a man was shot to death in the Vermont encampment. It seems to have been suicide.

Then there is the unclassified death, possibly of natural causes, in New Orleans. That man was dead for two days before anyone noticed. This should give you an idea of what these encampments are like.

Last week, a young man was found dead in his tent at Occupy Oklahoma City. Organizers referred to the man as “Street Poet,” a homeless man, who died in the encampment.

A woman at Occupy Vancouver was found dead in her tent on Saturday of a drug overdose. The Occupy protesters clashed with police and reporters when they came to investigate.