Timeline of the Libyan Mission Attack


The left media is unhappy that Bret Baier left out Mitt Romney’s statement, which I have included at the end. Romney and Obama both responded to the original apologetic statement out of the Cairo Embassy. Obama said it did not reflect his view. It is hard to believe Nuland made her statement without running it by the White House. Romney criticized it for its absurdity.

Obama went to bed not knowing what became of Ambassador Stevens and the others at the consulate. He flew to Vegas for a fundraiser the next day, knowing what happened to the men at the consulate in Libya. The left is not concerned about that.

If Mitt Romney had not responded, how much more apologetic would the U.S. response have gotten? We can’t apologize enough or send them enough money as it stands now.

Bret Baier of Special Report has one of the most succinct timelines of the response to the Benghazi attack:

Cairo Embassy statement and response by Charles Krauthammer:

Mitt Romney’s response, which I found accurate and appropriate: