Told You So: Legal Marijuana in Colorado Sold by 4th Graders, Oh, and It’s Killing People



The ramifications of legalizing marijuana and making it acceptable and accessible is having some serious and predictable results.

Recently, two Colorado fourth graders sold marijuana in their elementary school. Since it’s legal, the adults who accidentally made it accessible to them can only be encouraged to keep the weed locked up.

The weed was sold at Greeley-Evans School District and there were plenty of young buyers.

The 4th grade dealers took the weed from grandparents without their knowledge. The students were suspended. No one was hurt in that school – yet!

Another problem coming to the fore is the use of edible marijuana which is more potent and comes in the form of cookies and other tasty foods. Two recent deaths were linked to edible marijuana. One 19-year old Colorado college student ate a marijuana cookie and jumped off a balcony. In another case, a 47-year old shot and killed his wife while she called 9-1-1, telling police her husband ate pot-infused candy.

A recent study shows that car deaths have tripled over the last decade because of marijuana use. There is no way to track stoned drivers.

Drug dealers in Mexico and Central and South America have switched from making pot to making heroine because of the legalization of pot in Washington and Colorado. As a result, Mexican farmers are flooding the U.S. with heroine in epidemic proportions.

Another study shows pot leads to brain abnormalities. It has been shown to lower IQ points and it will damage the fetus in a pregnant woman who smokes it.

It affects blood pressure and the heart. It can cause heart problems.

A new French study showed that if anyone has underlying heart disease, it will cause heart attacks and in a quarter of the cases people die.

“Over a five-year period, a government-mandated tracking system in France showed that physicians in that country treated 1,979 patients for serious health problems associated with the use of marijuana, and nearly 2% of those encounters were with patients suffering from cardiovascular problems, including heart attack, cardiac arrhythmia and stroke, and circulation problems in the arms and legs. In roughly a quarter of those cases, the study found, the patient died,” according to the LA Times.

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