Tolerant Left Says One Trump Tweet Makes Him a Traitor


The left has gone bonkers over a Trump tweet calling Putin smart for responding to Obama’s sanctions by inviting US diplomats’ children to a Christmas party at the Kremlin. The tolerant left are calling Trump a traitor. Actually, Obama is the traitor and Putin is smart. What is so wrong with Trump trying to get along with Putin or is the alternative of nuclear war preferable?

Donald Trump tweeted after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s brilliant propaganda move this morning. Instead of answering Obama’s sanctions in kind, he invited the family’s of U.S. diplomats to a Christmas party. Putin still got his Obama bashing in the day before when his foreign minister called Obama paranoid and a liar.

The Trump tweet was accurate. Anyone who is being honest knows Putin’s move was brilliant. In one move, he made Barack Obama look petty and irrelevant. He’s a brilliant propagandist.

Trump then mocked the fakestream Obama media and praised Fox News.

It has sent the tolerant, diverse, and civil left into a collective rage. They think Trump’s tweet is treason. They really couldn’t find anything more hyperbolic.

Star Trek’s George Takei then went into an ad hominem attack. The hate just pours out of the tolerant left.

Lisa Bloom has gone completely off the rails.

Rob Reiner is a reliable leftist and abhors the Trump tweet and went into a personal attack.

Then there is actor David Atkins. He seems to have deleted this. Maybe he wants those awful GOPers to go to his movies.

The Black Lives Matter communist DeRay McKesson is worried about treason.

If they believe this, shouldn’t we have Trump arrested immediately? They obviously don’t believe it, but they are intolerant and very angry. They just can’t accept that Trump won and Putin outsmarted Obama.

This is after Barack Obama selling out the U.S. manufacturing, jobs, Israel, and our Constitution for eight years. Obama is the one who gave our jobs to foreigners and is trying to replace our population with reliably left-wing foreigners. It is Obama who trashed cops and race baited for eight long years while apologizing for the United States throughout the world. Who sympathizes with Islamic terrorists – Obama!

It is Barack Obama who doesn’t care about our country. Obama has been doing his best to make Trump’s job impossible because it’s more important than the United States. As Sheriff Clarke said, “President Obama is like a tenant who has been evicted from a property, and he’s going to trash the place on the way out”. The leftists, especially in Hollywood are cheering him on.


  1. It’s odd that liberals have suddenly become cold warriors after losing a big election. Perhaps they are more concerned about making excuses for their huge mistakes than they are about the nation.

  2. The Left has turned cold warrior to provide an excuse for their major mistakes and an embarrassing loss.

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