‘Tolerant’ Leftists Continue the Harassment of Ivanka Trump, Call It Criticism


The intolerant and uncivil leftists are out insulting Ivanka Trump and her family, blaming them for being harassed, and using it as an excuse to spread more hate.

Ian Karmel is an alleged comedian and writer for the Late Late Show. He was happy to hear that Ivanka and her family, including three small children were harassed on a plane out of New York.

A Brooklyn lawyer Dan Goldstein and his husband, a college professor, Matthew Lasner, a lawyer and professor – an entitled pair, harassed the family after pursuing them in the terminal before the flight.  Lasner had tweeted that Goldstein was “chasing them down to harass them”.

It made Karmel’s day but, then, ironically, he was harassed on Twitter and had to delete the tweet. Poor dear.

He retweeted this, calling the intolerant lawyer “heroic”.

This is the original tweet which the potty mouth deleted.

He hates Christians too, mocks the Pope and Christmas, et cetera. Here’s a sample and we don’t believe his tweet:

Feminist author Jessica Valenti thinks that people not liking harassment of the president’s family, including little children, is a form of censorship. She retweeted the next tweet and our guess is she must not be very bright if she thinks harassment of innocents is the same as censoring. She can say what she wants but so can her critics.

She’s paranoid.

She seems to think people call rape victims whiners. Where does she get this stuff and what does it have to do with harassment of the Trump’s. She’s irrational.

This is one of her most idiotic tweets but there were many to choose from. She’s the one who complained about being the most harassed woman at the guardian.

The anti-white, race-baiting, race-paranoid actress Reagan Gomez thinks Ivanka is victimizing others by traveling coach. She retweeted the next two.