Top JW investigator Warns FBI Is Threatening the President


Earlier today, the FBI issued a statement of warning that releasing the memo gives a false impression. They claim it must not be released and say they have “grave concerns.”

House Intel Chair Devin Nunes issued a fiery response in two statements. In his second response, he said: “The memo contains all the relevant facts on FISA abuse. After fighting our demands for these documents for months, the FBI and DoJ now seem to be going through a series of increasingly ridiculous, increasingly desperate excuses to avoid transparency.”

The FBI sent five agents to House Intelligence to alter the memo. They are doing it to conceal the facts. They have obfuscated and refused to release data non-stop.

We need the original memo released!


Judicial Watch Chief Investigator Chris Farrell told Lou Dobbs the FBI is threatening the president. More importantly, it’s a grave threat to our Constitution.

Farrell said, “Let me boil it down, real simple, the FBI is threatening the President of the United States. They put him in a corner and said we really don’t want you to reveal all the criminality that is going on in the organization… This is a grave threat on the Constitution.”

Listen to his explanation:


  1. What was disturbing, which I already suspected, is that the Field Offices of the FBI aren’t really any better than those at the top. See the Bundy case and many others, going back to Waco. That is why I wonder why so many want to express, resoundingly, that it is only at the top.

    • Totally agreed. The local offices say nothing. They do nothing but comply with Obama’s dictates. The local offices are just as bad as the DC offices. The FBI needs to go away, period. Let the states handle investigations.

      • The FBI is an extra constitutional police force. They originally operated within states only with their permission. Wonder what would happen now if they refused?

  2. Any time an organization believes it can threaten our president and get away with it, it is committing treason. The FBI needs to go away, preferably with an F22 lighting up the offices.

  3. Here We Go Again. The Hill is reporting that Mark Corallo, a Trump spokesman, apparently (whoever he is) will testify to Mueller that Hope Hicks engaged in obstruction of Justice regarding Trump Jr’s emails.

    Release the “Nunes” Memo Now, Tonight.

  4. They’ll stoop to anything. Schiff is Now saying the Memo given to the White House is Not the same as the Nunes Memo. Schumer is getting involved, going to Ryan. Now, how would THEY know the Memo had been altered. Were they in the White House. Oh Wait. The FBI sent a team of 5 to the White House. There’s no question that these “five” were a deception for this NEW tactic of the “altered Memo”. As Schumer himself said, “They have six ways to Sunday to get at you”. Their desperation will backfire in the extreme if THIS is a set-up, which can be immediately verified. THAT will put Schiff, Schumer, the five, and whoever else involved in a serious “Conspiracy”. If those involved think it was bad now, or before, a Conspiracy will be Armageddon.

  5. FYI reports that it was the White House that altered the memo which was then viewed by the agents.

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