Top VP Pick for Hillary Was Slammed by a New Orleans Judge Because He’s Crooked


The NY Daily News is reporting that one of Hillary Clinton’s top picks as a running mate, Tom Perez, is being harshly criticized in court for his mishandling of a case against two former New Orleans cop who killed two men after Hurricane Katrina. Perez, along with several other top Department of Justice officials, covered up online commenting that led to the cops’ original conviction being overturned.

Judge Engelhardt accepted guilty pleas from the five ex-cops involved in the 2005 fatal shooting spree on the Danziger Bridge in the days after Katrina. The cops received reduced sentences after Engelhardt found “grotesque prosecutorial misconduct” on behalf of senior federal prosecutors.

The Daily News reported: Engelhardt said Perez and current White House adviser Roy Austin Jr. directed Barbara “Bobbi” Bernstein, the lead prosecutor in the case, not to disclose her knowledge that a fellow Justice Department lawyer, Karla Dobinski, was among those who had posted anonymous comments beneath online news stories about federal cases, the New Orleans Advocate reported. Bernstein’s affidavit remains sealed.

He would be perfect as a running mate for Hillary. She should pick him.

Perez is also a bigot who does not support free speech as we know it. Check out the video clip at the end in this link.

Thomas Perez, Tyrannical Racialist, Is Our New Labor Secretary


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