Toy Gun Buy Back Program to Prevent Foam Bullet Crime Wave


toy gun

Toy gun buy back program for children 

No more playing cowboys and Indians or Star Wars with lasers. Thanks to Principal Charles Hill the Hayward, CA elementary school is going to have a toy gun exchange next Saturday.

In exchange for the dangerous weapon – the toy gun – the children get a book and a raffle ticket to win one of four bikes.

With all the violent movies and Internet games on the market today, it is curious as to why Hill thinks toy guns that shoot water and foam bullets are the problem.

Hill said police are afraid of being confronted by suspects with toy guns. Toy guns can be mistaken for real ones, Hill says. Therefore the children shouldn’t play with toy guns.

Logically, the argument is this: If police are afraid of suspects confronting them with toy guns, and toy guns look real at times, police will be afraid of children who play with toy guns.

Hill is clueless.

Full story at the Independent Journal Review