Tragic End for the HMS Bounty

Captain Robin Walbridge pictured on the HMS Bounty, was washed overboard sometime Monday around 5 a.m. when he ordered all hands to abandon ship as they took on water.

The HMS Bounty, a Canadian built replica of an 18th century sailing vessel, was caught in the eye of the hurricane Monday and has sunk.

Fourteen crew members were hoisted to safety from a lifeboat.

One crew member, 42-year old Claudene Christian, is seen being rescued in this footage:

Tragically, she was unresponsive when found and died later at the hospital.

The captain, Robin Walbridge, aged 62, who was swept overboard, remains missing. The captain is wearing a survival suit.

His last message was on Sunday:

Good evening Miss Tracie

I think we are going to be into this for several days, the weater looks like even after the eye goes by it will linger for a couple of days. We are just going to keep trying to go fast and squeeze by the storm and land as fast as we can. I am thinking that we will pass each other sometime Sunday night or Monday morning.

All else is well


The HMS Bounty at the Norfolk, Va. Harborfest 2012: