Tragic Obamacare Story on The Kelly File



Mr. Obama, in forcing his ideology through with Obamacare, is playing with 17% of the United States economy. He has repeatedly lied about what Obamacare does to get what he wants.

He is also playing with peoples’ lives.

A man named Bill Elliot, an Obama voter, appeared on The Kelly File this evening to talk about his healthcare situation.

Mr. Elliot lost his insurance because he is high-risk. He loved his insurance and his doctor, they paid for ‘pretty much everything.’  Obamacare, on the other hand, will not pay for his drugs, MRI’s, or medical devices.

The insurance would cost $1500 a month and the deductible is $13,500.

He doesn’t want to burden his family. He will pay the fine and let nature take its course. He has ‘thought long and hard’ and he has ‘prayed’ about it.