Trail of Tears in North Amityville

Everyone In the Development Is Losing Their Homes So aADeveloper Can Make Money

If the political party in charge wants to give your home to a favored developer, a campaign donor in fact, they can simply change the zoning. It doesn’t matter if it’s 500 homes and 400 people, some of whom lived there for 50 years. They might also offer you nothing for your home. This isn’t a hypothetical, it’s real and it’s happening.

Steve Bellone, who will soon move onto the Suffolk Country legislature, is part of this. He came up with a little money to pay off the homeowners and hoped that would silence them, underestimating their distress.

I can’t wait until Bellone is in charge of all Suffolk so can rezone others of us out of our homes if it suits him. He will work well with Mark “Eminent Domain” Lesko.

This case is an abuse of Eminent Domain and it smacks of corruption. It shows no regard for the lives of the people it will devastate.

It probably doesn’t help the residents that they live in mobile homes since they will be viewed as less important than those who live in more expensive homes.

Interestingly, the Rechler family of R Squared LLC who are re-devleoping this property has given generous campaign donations to the likes of Israel, Bishop, McCarthy – Democrats alone.

From Newsday: Laura Zilinski has lived in the park for 23 years and said that at 58
years old, she can’t afford to take on a mortgage on her nurse’s salary.

“I paid $30,000 for my home, and now I’m going to forfeit that?” she
told the town board. “We have lived and worked in this community for
50 years. We had every right to think this was our forever home.”

Kramer said afterward that he is encouraged by the new offer but needs
to see if it meets residents’ needs.

The town plans two information sessions in the next two weeks.