Trans Pacific Partnership to Ban “Buy American” Policies


The Trans Pacific Partnership has been flying under the radar, largely because these trade agreements are worked out in secrecy. TPP is a trade agreement of goods and services but it has some alarming provisions leaking out which remove protections.

Oddly, copyright infringement is being slipped into this agreement and the provisions are so bad that the authors want to employ copyright cops and treat infringers as pirates such as you see in Somalia.

Apparently there is another section that pretty much bans “Buy American” provisions. It would likely slow job growth in this country of companies that manufacture their products in the United States.

Not all companies would be affected in the same way. Companies situated in the U.S. but offshore most of their manufacturing don’t benefit as much from Buy American policies as those who don’t for obvious reasons.

American producers have had preferential treatment in trade agreements since 1933 when the Buy American Act was passed, but under this agreement TPP countries could apply for waivers from “Buy American policies.” [policies which protect consumers and the environment from hazardous materials for instance.] These waivers could result in large sums of U.S. tax dollars being invested to strengthen other countries’ manufacturing sectors, rather than our own.”

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