Transforming America With Open Borders Even If It Kills Us


Armed illegal immigrants are coming across our borders freely to bring in drugs and foreigners who are coming in with 9mils and other weapons. Once they are here, they generally do not suffer any repercussions. The Democrats have their backs.

It’s not only Ebola and EV-D68 we have to worry about as illegal immigrants cross our borders, we have to worry about the drug smugglers. Mr. Obama is so focused on transforming us into a one-party country by getting millions of democratic voters into the country that he doesn’t care if it kills us.

The following story posted in the TusconSentinel by writer Paul Ingram is typical of what is happening.

In about two weeks time, Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents seized two stolen vehicles, a smugglers’ supply truck, four weapons including an AK-47, and a handgun with a silencer. This is just the Tuscon Sector.

Drug smugglers are all cartel members. They operate much like jihadists. They are as violent and as dangerous.

Think about that and what these people are willing to do to us.

They are coming back-and-forth into our country constantly.

The driver of one truck abandoned the vehicle when the Office of Air and Marine spotted him from a helicopter.

As they searched for the driver, they found another vehicle with food and other supplies.

Two weeks before, sensors detected another truck and in this case the driver was caught with 355 pounds of marijuana worth around $170,000.

The next day, two U.S. citizens were nabbed for smuggling a human national who was armed.

Right before that, agents found an abandoned backpack with a loaded handgun and ammo along with marijuana.

Right before that, a U.S. citizen was arrested for human smuggling. He had a 9mm with a silencer.

A silencer!!!

These are the people who happened to get caught. Since our administration is not putting any emphasis on internal capture and is giving immunity willy-nilly all these criminals have to do is make it across the border without being caught.

Most are not caught.

The picture below is a backpack with high-end Motorola radios hidden in the brush, something that is a common sight by Border Patrol and hikers.

high-end radio

TucsonSentinel reported that in the last six months, Border Patrol launched raids against campsites of cartel scouts and caught up with 24 of them. they served as lookouts for smuggling operations.

They are found in the desert, away from law enforcement using radios and cellphones.

Agents have turned up campsites with radio equipment, high-powered binoculars, as well as solar panel arrays. They had enough food, water, camping supplies and weapons to last for weeks (photo of a camp below).


During the operation, agents found 6,500 pounds of narcotics, and conducted 11 rescues.

This is only the Tucson Sector.

If you’ve spent any time in Southern California, you know that Border Patrol stops trucks with illegals every day. Many are up to no good.

We know that people who hate our country have promised to come into our country illegally and transform us from within. Jihadists like ISIS have promised to destroy us “from within” so why would we even consider allowing this to continue?

Back in early August, the Sheriff leading the investigation into the brutal slaying of a Border Control Agent by two illegal immigrants revealed that local farmers in his county have reported spotting gangs of armed Mexicans ‘in military fatigues’ marching through their fields.

Spence, who has been Sheriff of Willacy County in south Texas for 29 years, said the problem on the border is reaching a crisis point.

armed illegals in fatigues

He said ranchers with land 25 miles north of the border have reported groups of men – believed to be illegal immigrants – walking single file and wearing military fatigues. Some were armed with rifles.

This was never about racism, nativism or any of the rest. This is about sovereignty, self-preservation and just plain common sense.

What are we doing people? Democrats? Where are you? Surely you don’t think this is okay?