Transgender Bathrooms Aren’t About LGBTs Nor Are They Against LGBTs



So-called transgender bathroom/locker room laws are not about transgenders, they are about gender fluid bathrooms and recognizing all 56 invented genders beyond LGBT.

Walt Heyer is a transgender who reversed the surgery. In an article he wrote for The Daily Signal, Mr. Heyer said he had lived as a woman for eight years. His conclusion is that you cannot switch genders with hormones and therapy.

He says the bathroom bill is not anti-LGBT at all.

“L” is for lesbian. The bill is not anti-lesbian because lesbians have no desire to enter a stinky men’s restroom. Lesbians will use the women’s room without a second thought. So the law is not anti-L.

“G” is for gay. Gay men have no interest in using women’s bathrooms. So the law is not anti-G.

“B” is for bi-sexual. The “B” in the LGBT have never been confused about their gender. Theirs is also a sexual preference only that doesn’t affect choice of restroom or locker room.

“T” is for transgender. The “T” identifies a person who has undergone hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery, and legally changes the gender marker on his or her birth certificate.

The North Carolina law he says is not anti-T because it clearly allows for a person to go to the restroom on the birth certificate and that can be changed by a transgender.

The bill is really for the gender nonconformists, who constitute a “minuscule” fraction of society who want their gender to be ever-fluid. Mr. Heyer calls them “gender defiant.”

They aren’t people who suffer from gender dysphoria, they just don’t want to comply and they are demanding it under the cover of LGBT.

Gender is not fluid he says, it’s fixed..

“Obama is championing the insanity of eliminating the traditional definition of gender. He does not grasp the biological fact that genders are not fluid, but fixed: male and female,” he says.

It’s simply another “display of political power”.

It’s not only that. It’s a distraction from the mess we are in and the damage he has caused.

Having 56 genders that will be expanded as the insane come up with more. He is making us part of the mass delusion, meant to shake us at our foundations and confuse us all about all that we know.

This will rob us of freedom. There will be more unnecessary lawsuits, more protected groups, it will cause confusion in young people who haven’t determined their gender, and it invades privacy rights. Worst of all, it’s another excuse to control the rest of us and claim we’re bigoted.




  1. This is where I love throwing the Left’s cr*p back at them:
    the always whine (falsely) that the Right is “anti-science.”

    You know what IS science?
    XX and XY.


    THEY are the “deniers.”
    Scr*w ’em!!!

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