Transgender Wins $60,000, School Must Regulate Pronoun Usage

Leo Soell
Leo Soell

Claims by a transgender schoolteacher, who wants to be called ‘they’, yields a $60,000 settlement, agreement to create disciplinary rules regulating ‘pronoun usage’, according to the Volkh Conspiracy.

This is a serious violation of the First Amendment and it is rule by minority. That’s how we get on the path to full-blown Socialism and collectivism. It’s the wrong way to get ‘respect’.

If Mr. Soell asks an individual to call him Mr. Soell or They Soell, that’s one thing, but for the government to do it is quite another.

The New York City Commission on Human Rights legal guidance on transgender pronouns states that employers, landlords, businesses and other professionals must use employees’, tenants’, customers’ and clients’ preferred pronouns as well as “they/them/theirs or ze/hir” or be at grave risk of a very large civil liability, up to $250,000 according to New York City law.

New York City, which is almost 40% foreigners, who probably don’t have enough information about what is going on, is under the rule of a communist.

Also keep in mind that this law is not about transgenders at all, it’s exploiting them, it’s about gender fluids, and it’s pure fascism.

They are demanding we do as they say with PRONOUNS and they are doing it by force.

Leo Soell, born Brina, and a schoolteacher in the Gresham-Barlow (Oregon) School District, “do[es] not identify as male or female but rather transmasculine and genderqueer, or androgynous.” Soell wants people to call Soell “they,” and submitted a complaint to the school district objecting (in part) that other schoolteachers engaged in “harassment” by, among other things, “refusing to call me by my correct name and gender to me or among themselves” (emphasis added), as well as posting “messages on Facebook that denigrate transgender people.”

Soell was forbidden from answering students’ questions about Soell’s gender identity and said that other employees weren’t allowed to use Soell’s preferred pronouns even if they wanted to; that may have itself have violated the First Amendment (I note a bit more about the First Amendment and government employers below). Soell also complained about various other matters, such as problems involving gender-neutral bathrooms, additional scrutiny of Soell’s work based on Soell’s sexual identity, failure to properly accommodate Soell’s disability (Soell was recovering from cancer and from chemotherapy).

The refusal to use Soell’s preferred pronouns was the main complaint.

The school district agreed to settle the claim for $60,000 “as compensation for actual damages, emotional distress and attorney fees,” and with the district promising to “develop official guidance documents for administrators/staff that address working with transgender staff”; the documents, to be developed together with “TransActive and the District equity team,” will address, among other things, “pronoun usage.” “[V]iolations of the guidance will be grounds for discipline.”

How is this not an intrusion on others’ free speech rights and their freedom in general? What right does this teacher have to trample on the rights of the majority and to confuse the children against some parents’ wishes.

About 20% of New York City school children are Muslim. Why aren’t they objecting?

As a former English teacher, I object. It’s simply terrible grammar. Where is the respect from gender fluids for my free speech and my right to use correct grammar?

Mr. Soell wants ‘they’ to indicate ‘inclusiveness’ but it doesn’t include the majority and cannot be ‘inclusive.’ Ordering major changes in the language against the will of the people is absurd and it’s cultural Marxism.

I don’t want to change or comply and Mr. Soell, Communist Mayor de Blasio are fascists. Forcing me and others to comply violates my First Amendment rights. What will they demand and say I do next? Will they order me to call everyone ‘comrade’?

Is there anything they can’t demand?

The government has no right to act as my master and speak for employers, schools, businesses and they need to butt out.

This is harassment of the majority.

The government is acting the part of a dictator and people had better get wise to this. If not, any small minority can rule us for any reason.

First they came for the majority…

…the gender fluids will one day rue the day because the government will also come for them as all-powerful governments do.



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