Trey Gowdy Answers the Question of Whether Jeff Sessions Should Go


Trey Gowdy was asked on Sunday Morning Futures today if he agreed with Representatives, Jordon and Meadows that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should go. His answer was two-fold. He doesn’t think Sessions has done anything to warrant being dismissed but there is the question of whether he should have been hired in the first place.

He questioned the hiring of political campaign workers in jobs that require non-political, unbiased leaders.

There is another problem people are ignoring. If Sessions were to step down, Rod Rosenstein would fill in until a new AG is selected. With these Democrats, no AG would ever be selected. Do we really think Rosenstein is an improvement? Gowdy did mention that during the interview.

It seems his conclusion is that Sessions should not have been hired.

Rep. Jordan explains why he believes Sessions should step down — for not being able to control the DoJ.

Rep. Meadows and former congressman Jason Chaffetz also say Sessions should go.


  1. In order to understand Gowdy a person should examine what detail he places his emphasis on. Once again he brings up the 100 million to 0 preference that was texted. He has been making this a centerpiece in condemning the texting. That particular point is insignificant and has no ramifications. One has to ask “Why” is this more important than the truly damaging. This is typical for him. He will display his outrage, and garner support for it, but all the while the subject of the outrage has little repercussions. It sounds good on TV and YouTube, but is ineffective. It is outrage with no teeth.

    • Yes, Gowdy’s trick is to fascinate listeners with his clever and fancy rhetoric, while he recommends no concrete action. That is the mark of an establishment person that wants to move up. Gowdy’s omissions are big. Sessions should not have accepted the job. Sessions should not have recused. Sessions should have elected to follow his oath and enforce the law.

      Rosenstein should be fired today for allowing Mueller to illegally get data from the GSA, and to have allow a with hunt to be created with huge conflicts. Trump wants Sessions to do it, but as he has said, Sessions does not want to take any heat.

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