Trey Gowdy Keeps His Expectations Low to Deal with Adam Schiff, Democrats


Trey Gowdy was interviewed on Sunday Morning Futures today by Maria Bartiromo who asked, “How long is this going to go on? Because we still haven’t had any evidence of any collusion. When is it appropriate for Bob Mueller to come out and say, yes, definitively there’s no collusion here, but what I have uncovered is collusion at the top of the FBI between FBI leadership and Hillary Clinton.”

The representative responded by explaining how Adam Schiff has prejudged the Russia-Trump collusion case and he did so before a single witness was interviewed.

“Well Maria some of my Democratic colleagues, namely Adam Schiff, said he had evidence, more than circumstantial evidence of collusion, before the investigation even began so keep that in mind,” Gowdy said.

“So, keep that in mind…the ranking member, the ranking Democrat on the Intel committee had evidence of collusion before we interviewed our very first witness. Almost 60 Democrats voted to move forward with impeachment before the House Intelligence Committee or the Senate Intelligence Committee released a single solitary finding almost 60 House Democrats think the President should be removed from office and Adam Schiff says he has evidence of collusion so I would tell your viewers wait until Bob Mueller’s investigation…”

Maria said it is “infuriating” and Gowdy said, “It’s only infuriating if you have high expectations. I have been in Congress seven years and that’s not where serious investigations take place. It’s where Senate campaigns in California take place…but you can’t have confidence in an investigation where the ranking Democrat prejudges it before you have interviewed your very first witness.”



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    Gaaarbaaage Head. Can you imagine Adam Schiff leading you in battle?

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