Trey Gowdy Reveals Real Reason He’s Leaving Congress


Speaking on CBS “Face the Nation” Sunday, South Carolina congressman Trey Gowdy said he decided to retire for several reasons, but mostly because he enjoys fairness and justice. Sadly, he believes those two attributes made him a “lousy” politician.


“My wife hates it when I say this,” Gowdy said, “but I was a pretty good prosecutor, I think. I’ve been a pretty lousy politician. I’ve done it for seven years, I’m really grateful for the opportunity to do it, but it’s time for me to — whatever time I’ve got left — I want to spend it in the justice system because that’s where my heart is,” Gowdy said.

“I enjoy the justice system, I enjoy being fair. I enjoy the pursuit of fairness as a virtue. And I’m just more comfortable in that system,” he explained.

Gowdy said that just because he disagrees with someone politically, that doesn’t mean they don’t love America. But that virtue isn’t popular in modern American politics, he said.

“I see multiple sides of a single issue. And the fact that someone disagrees with me, does not make me challenge their love of the country. It doesn’t make me believe that they’re corrupt. I’ve got a lot of friends on the other side of the aisle,” he said.

“I don’t think the end justifies the means. I think the manner in which we get places matters, and in politics too often winning is the only thing that matters,” the GOP congressman explained.

When asked if he believes he served justice during his time in Congress, Gowdy said:

“I tried. It’s about winning in politics, and that is not what — the courtroom — there’s a reason we throw out search warrants even though we find the murder weapon. There’s a reason we throw out confessions even though we think the person did it. The process matters. The end does not justify the means. And in politics, it’s just about winning.”

Many of us believe that is why he should stay and fight for the Republic.


  1. The conservative effort to contain the disingenuous leftists/socialists in our government will be markedly diminished by the loss of Trey Gowdy. I agree that he would make a great SCOTUS addition. Perhaps this will be his ultimate opportunity to promote fairness and constitutional law.

  2. I’m not at all convinced he would make a good SCOTUS. In a hearing with the Tech Giants Gowdy was questioning the man from Facebook. He made a startling statement about what should be “allowed” on Facebook. He ended asking “I don’t see how you can allow ‘misinformation’ on Facebook”. Facebook had to “instruct” him the Supreme Court has already ruled as such. Is Facebook to decide What iis misinformation. Should Congress decide. Gowdy certainly believes the “Government” should regulate the First Amendment. Even more concerning was the questioning Rep. Quigley had with Twitter, and Gowdy came After him and still made his remarks.

    I think it disingenuous for him to complain about politics being all about winning. Winning encompasses virtually everything in life, including his former profession. He once said it was about seeking the truth but look at just about every case. Prosecutors, also, are about winning. Look no further than those on Mueller’s team. Politics is the same way. You have positions you believe in and want them to be enacted. So why else would you not want to win. I submit it has to do more with he doesn’t want to “fight” to win, and that has been the Republican way for some time, Until Trump came along.

    His remarks about continuing the Mueller investigation was also a sign of failure to “step up”. Mueller isn’t about finding “Russian interference” as specified in the order. Instead, it’s an investigation into a Political Campaign. THIS is unprecedented. Who would have imagined this country would reach to this level. What this amounts to is the criminalization of “Politics”, namely talking to a foreign power. Whether we like Russia or not we are heading to a situation much worse than the “Cold War”. This investigation has led to an Administration that is constrained in its foreign relations. If Gowdy is unable to see the ramifications of this Mueller investigation then maybe he should leave.

    • Gowdy is full of contradictions. He praised Mueller, who is running an investigation in the DOJ like a predatory political witch hunt. That contradiction is huge, it renders Gowdy not credible. Of course, the leftist elitists at CBS will not and cannot point that out to him.

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