Trey Gowdy Wipes the Floor with an Impervious Rod Rosenstein


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was interviewed before the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday morning and repeated at several opportunities that there was “no good cause” to fire Robert Mueller. When asked about the partisan members of the witch hunt against President Trump, Rosenstein said that it is different from bias.

Don’t worry, all is going well.

Wednesday’s hearings were largely a platform for Democrats to accuse the President of sexual crimes against women or to debunk Republican concerns. For Republicans, it was a fruitless effort to get answers to pertinent questions other than to be told by Rod Rosenstein to trust him. He said he is limiting the authority of Robert Mueller, who should also be trusted. The deputy AG also talked about the outstanding work of the FBI which has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

Rosenstein did say there is no coup d’etat and there is oversight of Mueller’s investigation. He does not believe Mueller has a vendetta against the President.

Trey Gowdy pummeled Rod Rosenstein. He pointed to some of the most concerning facts of the case including the incriminating texts by their prime investigator at the center of all the investigations. Gowdy asked what he was supposed to tell his constituents about that. Rosenstein basically said to tell them he and Mueller are on top of it.



  1. Does Rosenstein think we are all Stupid, or is he Just Stupid. He squirms around trying to defend “bias” but clearly doesn’t concern himself the whole point, THE APPEARANCE. HE may not think there is the appearance but it is NOT his decision that warrants appearance. The appearance is what OTHERS believe is a conflict. THIS was the question put to him. But he took it as himself and the Mueller team’s view on what is and is not the appearance of conflict. One would think, as an “accomplished attorney” he could separate the difference.

    As a side note: Does he have hemorrhoids because the amount of squirming in his seat suggests that.

  2. Yes Gowdy was good, I also liked Jim Jordan’s questioning, as far as Mueller goes, Rosenstein needs to set a end date, this has been going on for over a year now and they don’t have jack s**t when it comes to collusion, they keep going into other things like obstruction of justice, Luis Gutierrez wants the doj to investigate Trump on the sexual accusers coming out of the closet again, a special counsel is needed for the coverup by the FBI, DOJ of Hillary’s crimes, the fusion gps crap,spying on Trump and co. but both Rosenstein and Christopher Wray say the IG is looking at all this,

    • The IG is a wet noodle, incompetent of making the hard decisions necessary to restore the FBI and the Department of Justice to respected Law Enfocement agencies.
      I keep a small picture of Luis Gutierrez right above my toilet paper holder, just in case we run out of TP.

  3. Mule er is a witness in the investigation into the Russia, Russia, Russia, collusion by Hillary Clinton, and members of her political entourage whereby Clinton and her fellow criminals paid money to the Russians to influence the election. This is a fact. It is prima facie collusion, but also constitutes repeated criminal acts in
    violation of Federal Statutes, including the RICO statutes.. Mule er, as led by RosenSTAIN, refuses to investigate obvious crimes which could send Hillary, and even Obama and former Attorney General Lynch, (an appropriate last name for a traitor), to prison for ONE HUNDRED YEARS. It is a violation of federal statutes to obstruct justice, (interfere with the investigation of known and suspected crimes. ) Mule er and RosenSTAIN are guilty of obstruction of justice as well as violation of numerous American Bar statutes which require they be stripped of their licenses to practice law.)
    I am not a right wing Republican but an independent who mistakenly supported Osama Obama for his
    re-election but would not support him if he ran for volunteer dog catcher, (unless he caught hillary).
    I am extremely angry because the law does not apply equally to all parties and am extremely angry at Democrats who continue to lie and promote unfettered immigration from the middle east. Dems will be the undoing of our great land and will cause this country to have another shooting civil war.
    We must expose all of the allegations made which were covered up by the hush payments to accusers of
    Congressment and Senators, SEVENTEEN MILLION DOLLARS PAID OUT,, (but nobody wants anybody to know??????)
    Fire RosenSTAIN and get a real Deputy Attorney General in that office who will convince us that JUSTICE IS BLIND. Comey has power over RosenSTAIN and Power over Mule er. As long as RosenSTAIN and Mule
    er are active participants in this SHAM INVESTIGATION,, there will be just more cover-up, (CALLED OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE). Comey has committed serious crimes in regard to covering up the Hillary Clinton crimes etc. etc. and he needs to be the focus of an iNvestigation by a real unbiased investigator.
    REMEMBER, COMEY PARTICIPATED IN THE DESTRUCTION OF THE 33,000 E-MAILS AND THE DESTRUCTION OF THE LAPTOPS. (Ken Starr, you get a second bite of the apple from the Clinton garden of Eden.).
    Impeachment of Pres. Trump will cause a shooting war where the first ones shot will be the lying congresspersons . You can smell it folks, it is coming and it is very scary to realize this is so when you have innocent children and grand children.who will be caught in the middles.

  4. Of course Rosenstein is impervious. He fully understands he has a 0% chance of ever being punished for anything he or his criminal cohorts do or fail to do.

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