Trey Gowdy’s Explosive Speech Requiring the President to Enforce the Law



Some of our Representatives are finally standing up for the Constitution, but it’s a sad day when our Representatives have to pass a law to order the President to obey the law and not everyone agrees!

The House passed the “Enforce the Law Act, H.R. 4138, requiring the laws they pass be enforced. The bill passed 233-181. There are 181 people who don’t agree that the president should enforce the law.

Only 54% of House members are willing to stand up for their power to enforce the law and uphold the Separation of Powers under our Constitution.

The president promised to veto it if it gets passed Harry Reid and to his desk. In other words, NO, he won’t obey the law.

This act would also make it easier to sue the president.

The vote:

the vote

Mr. Obama is a president who continually uses his pen and phone to violate the law.

The ObamaCare bill looks nothing like the original bill because it has been rewritten by Mr. Obama 20 times. He has chosen to selectively enforce laws on immigration, marriage, marijuana, and welfare rules.

As constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley said, our constitution is at a tipping point. This is a constitutional crisis. Professor Turley is a liberal.

Many in the House seem to think it is okay for their powers to be stripped away from them. The no votes were Democrats and they apparently want the president to violate the law of the land.

Trey Gowdy exploded on the floor of the House. Prior to the vote, Gowdy asked his colleagues to answer three questions:

“That may seem unfair to my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, but I’m going to give them a hint,” he said. “The answer to every one of the questions is the same.”

“I’m going to read a quote and then you tell me who said it,” Gowdy said. “‘These last few years we’ve seen an unacceptable abuse of power having a president whose priority is expanding his own power.’ Any guess on who said that? Mr. Speaker, it was Sen. Barack Obama.”

“Here’s another one: ‘No law can give Congress a backbone if it refuses to stand up as a coequal branch the Constitution made it.’”

“’I taught the Constitution for 10 years, I believe in the Constitution,’” Gowdy again quoted then-Sen. Obama.
“So my question Mr. Speaker is what’s changed?” Gowdy asked. “How does going from being a senator to a president rewrite the constitution? What’s different from when he was a senator?”

He reminded his colleagues at the end, “We make law,” which drew applause and cheers at the end.


  1. Obama and the 181 who agree with their traitor should also be arrested and put in prison or hanged. our constitution, what’s. left of America is at stake forever. dramatic changes MUST be made now
    You get rid of the enemy, every last one , to preserve our country.

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