Tripoli Overtaken By the Rebels




Man kisses the ground as rebels enter Tripoli

Update 8/22: – The rebels have taken Tripoli. The fighting continues and the end result is not yet determined.

Qaddafi’s son, Saif, came out of his home to greet crowds this evening. His eldest son, Mohammed, is allgedly detained in his home.

Saif said his father is still in Tripoli and he claims his forces are winning.

I hope this turns out the way President Obama planned because we, I mean NATO, promoted this revolt. We backed the rebels with fire power as they marched into Tripoli.

Qaddafi is no loss, but will this become another Iran? Many members of the rebel troops are in the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s a very diverse group. Civil War or anarchy is always a possibility. It could end up being a Somalia and this “victory” is only the beginning.

It feels like, Hooray, the Bloods just defeated the Crips. But then there are the freedom fighters in the rebel ranks who only want dignity and freedom – I’m rooting for them, the people who have been enslaved by a dictator for forty years.

Raw footage, rebels chanting “Allah Akbar,” “God is Great”-

The Libyans have renamed “Green Square” to “Martyrs Square”