Trooper Wishes She Killed Alton Nolen


Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Betsy Randolph was interviewed about her violent encounter with Alton Nolen in 2010. In hindsight, she wishes she had killed him.

She stopped Nolen’s car because of what appeared to be a fraudulent tag. When asked for his insurance and his driver’s license, he couldn’t produce either one.

She asked him to step out of the car while a woman and a child remained in his car. It later turned out that the woman was his girlfriend.

He agreed to sit in the trooper’s car while she checked his record. When his record came up, he could see there were two felony warrants out for him for drug possession and distributing.

He appeared to be calm.

Trooper Randolph stopped writing the citation, loaded the handcuffs in her hand and walked around to the back of the car. She was able to snap a bracelet on one hand but he would not comply and give her his other hand.

She explained that he had to go to jail.

He repeatedly said he wanted to talk to his girlfriend. The trooper agreed he could talk to her but fist he would have to give her his other hand.

Suddenly, he went from being calm to being crazed.

He exploded out of the car and pushed Trooper Randolph. She held his chain but she couldn’t keep control of the chain. Her finger was broken in the fight that ensued. He was able to run off.

She said about the encounter, “I wish I’d have killed him,” because of what he did to the two women the day before her interview and because he was a candidate for it when she fought with him.

Trooper Randolph didn’t try to run after him because she had all his information. She called for help. Twelve hours later, he was brought back to Trooper Randolph by law enforcement. She brought him to jail.

She was stunned that he was released so quickly from jail after what he did to her. She said she was heartbroken about what he did to the people the day before at Vaughn Foods. She feels guilty that she didn’t kill him.

At the time, she didn’t know that he had a history of assaulting police officers. If she had known, instead of greeting him with handcuffs, she would have greeted him with a gun.