Troops Erupt as Donald Trump Enters the Stadium for Army-Navy Game


This should tell people something. The troops erupted when President-elect Donald Trump entered the stadium for the Army-Navy game today.

We added the following after publication.

In a Fox News article titled, At Army-Navy game, Trump says thought of leading US soldiers, sailors ‘humbling’, Trump is quoted as saying, “You don’t see this kind of spirit everywhere,” Trump, the Republican president-elect, said during halftime of the game in Baltimore. “Just amazing people.”

He also said the experience of becoming president and knowing he would lead such great men and women was “humbling” and also a “great honor and responsibility.”

“They want to be strong,” Trump said.


  1. President -elect Donald Trump has talked the talk,now on Jan.20,2017,He must walk the walk and be the President we all
    pray he will be.The Armed Forces know what the present C.I.C has been for 8 years and he has not been for the Military,Police

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