Trump Can’t Wait to Meet with Mueller, Where Are His Lawyers???

Would you want this guy to interview you?

Media is reporting that President Trump says he is ready to speak to Mueller under oath, will say that there is no collusion, and that while no date has been set yet, his lawyers have advised him that the questioning may take place in 2-3 weeks:

“I’m looking forward to it,” Trump told reporters at the White House when asked whether he would submit to questioning by Mueller’s team. “I would do it under oath,” the president added.

Trump said he expects to speak with Mueller in two to three weeks, but cautioned the specifics are being worked out by his lawyers.

One leak out of Mueller’s office today claimed Mueller wants to meet with Trump immediately. It sounds like fake news.

Trump also said today that he supports a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers over a period of 10 to 12 years.

In return, he wants $25 billion for the wall, another $5 billion for other border security, and limits to chain migration.

If that doesn’t work out he might extend the DACA deadline.

Andy McCabe, a questionable sort, recently claimed Trump asked him who he voted for in 2016.

The president said he did not remember asking deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe who he voted for in the 2016 election. “I don’t think so,” Trump said. “I don’t remember asking that question.”

Trump didn’t think it important, most people don’t, but Mueller is looking for anything on obstruction by Trump or his campaign.

Trump should wait until Mueller’s friends are exposed for corruption. Maybe they’ll nab Mueller in the net.

Judge Napolitano says he shouldn’t do it, it’s a trap. [Trump should at least ask for the same deal Hillary got – testify while not under oath and get an exoneration letter before the interview.]


  1. I once saw a video about “not talking to the police” by a former police officer. He detailed how an officer can essentially entrap you in any number of ways. It is quite instructive. You can bet the FBI has even better tactics to entrap a person. It’s quite easy to twist a person’s words and create such confusion that a person wouldn’t even be aware of a conflict.

    Considering Mueller’s team interviewed Comey, if there is discrepancy between His testimony and Trump it should be deemed inadmissible. Comey has actually perjured himself in front of Congress. One major point that Comey stressed emphatically in Congress was his decision to create a written record of meeting with Trump. He stated he never had done so in the past. This Directly contradicts what he has stated in the past. He was well known for keeping such detailed records in the past. If he Blatantly lies on such an obvious matter then anything he has testified before Mueller is questionable.

    • Mueller is out to get him in my estimation and he will lie to entrap him like investigators do. There is no legal basis for this probe. It’s all political.

      Trump is so imprecise, he could easily be tripped up. They will play on his tendency to use hyperbole to make a point. He also has a temper. I am very concerned.The media has been brutal. This past week, they are trying to make a story out of Smokey Daniels, claiming that’s why Melania didn’t go to Davos18. It’s non-stop ad hominem attacks.

      • Trump’s headlong approach into this may indicate that he has his own plans on if/how he meets with Mueller. Whenever he acts like this he is posturing.

  2. I don’t take it seriously yet. Trump fakes out his opponents a lot. A recent example is his claim that he will sign any bill on immigration. Congress then proposed the usual amnesty with no security plan and he said no.

    Will he actually meet with Mueller? If so, I doubt he will answer entrapment questions.

  3. He should answer EVERY question with, “I just don’t recall…”, “I’m really not sure..”, “Maybe, maybe not..”, etc.

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