Trump Gives Epic Responses to Hillary’s Trump Bashing


hillary ugh

Hillary gave another speech on the economy that had little to do with the economy and everything to do with attacking Donald Trump.

After praising the Obama economy, she trashed Trump over his attitude towards women in the workplace but it is Trump who hired women in the top echelons of his enterprises while it is Hillary who pays women 70% of what men make in her campaign.

She tied herself to Obama’s failed economy.

“If we have learned anything about the economy over the past 20 years is that a president’s economic decisions have real consequences for families. President Obama handled the worst financial crisis since the great depression. Thanks to his leadership and the hard work and resilience of the American people, we have seen more than 14 million private sector jobs created over the last six and a half years and here in Ohio, the auto-industry has made a strong come back.”

We haven’t even created enough jobs to keep up with the population growth. Obama is the only president who never reached 3% job growth. Obama oversaw the US ratings downgrade.

Coincidentally, Janet Yellin said the opposite of what Hilary said today.

Hillary is under the delusion that Obama got us out of the recession but that’s only barely true and we are headed right back into it, having had the worst recovery in US history.

Yellin admitted the reason the unemployment went down was because more people left the workforce. Recent jobs numbers show a “substantial slowdown,” she said.

“In April and May, however, the average pace of job gain slowed to only 80,000 per month or about 100,000 per month after adjustment for the effects of the strike. The unemployment rate fell to 4.7 percent in May but that decline mainly occurred because fewer people reported that they were actively seeking work,” Yellin said.

Trump has created jobs and he’s been very successful. What jobs has she created?

Obama on the other hand ran up impossible debt which Trump blasted in a tweet while Hillary bloviated.

These responses were EPIC.

Hillary doesn’t want Trump to have his hand on the nuclear codes but she’s already shown she has no regard for the nation’s security. Trump noticed.

How can one deny this?

Hillary doesn’t want a wall, she wants more schools and we’ll need them for all the illegal immigrants who pour in if open borders Hillary wins.

This is something to look forward to.