Trump Is Accused of Rape, Using the ‘N’ Word And Then There Is a Marital Issue


The media is reporting some nasty rumors about Donald Trump and people are running with it on social media but there is no substantiation yet for any of it.

Jill Harth and Donald Trump
Jill Harth and Donald Trump


The anti-Trump New York Daily News is reporting that a makeup artist who sued Trump in 1997 for harassment is accusing him of doing exactly what he says he does in the recently released video — “p…y grabbing.” The title of the article is, Make-up artist who sued Donald Trump in 1997 harassment case says ‘p—y’ grabbing is ‘exactly what he did to me’

Jill Harth Houraney said he pushed her into one of his children’s rooms and started kissing her and groping her. She called it attempted rape. She sued and dropped the suit a month later.

She and her husband had made similar accusations against Trump in a breach-of-contract suit the couple filed against Trump in 1995, which a federal judge had agreed to seal.

Trump called her a liar.

In a statement to, the outlet that uncovered the lawsuit, Trump’s special counsel, Michael Cohen, described Harth Houraney as her ex-husband’s “pawn.” He said: “There is no truth to the story at all. The plaintiff in the matter, Jill Harth, would acknowledge the same.” Harth gave a similar account, saying that she had been “under duress” and “pressured” to file the suit.

“I saw him [Donald] recently, and he said I looked good,” Harth said. “The allegations were twisted and embellished. Everything could be looked at in different way.” However, when asked by the Guardian whether she stood by the allegations made in the lawsuit, Harth wrote, in a text message, “Yes.”




The New York Times reported that the campaign asked Melania to appear in a video with her husband but she had no interest in appearing on camera. They were moving ahead with it anyway until Nancy O’Dell who was the subject of the audio denounced the comments by Mr. Trump. Then the Howard Stern tapes came out and the plans for the video were dropped. The way the hill told the story was Melania refused to appear with her husband as reported by anonymous sources. Since their source was the Times and that is not what they said, the hill is embellishing the story. The hill is also anti-Trump.




Producer Bill Pruitt tweeted this on Saturday.

TMZ reports that unaired Apprentice tapes are far worse but they can’t be aired because of confidentiality agreements. MGM owns the film but if they released it, others who are on it would also be sued.

There is a rumor that Doc McStuffins creator and executive producer Chris Nee claims that “far worse” statement is a racial epithet. Nee allegedly tweeted at noted Trump hater and legitimate billionaire Mark Cuban to get the ball rolling and fork over the $5 million it could take to bring Trump down [allegedly the cost of The Apprentice tape].

Nee tweeted to Mark Cuban that the tape in which Trump allegedly uses the “n” word will cost $5 million.

However, Chris Nee tweeted that he was only responding to rumors he heard.

Why would he use that word on The Apprentice? It doesn’t make sense.

There are many people on Twitter claiming that Trump of course used the “n” word but there is no evidence yet. This must be how the Salem Witch Trials started. Imagine if they had access to Twitter.