Trump Is Already Running the Country

Donald Trump

Trump Is Already Running the Country
Joan Swirsky
May 9, 2011

The cartoonist Fuller depicts the billionaire-builder Donald Trump dressed in a circus-master’s outfit and holding in one hand a red, white and blue megaphone and in the other hand a hoop blazing with a fire that says Birth Certificate Question through which a terrified and desperate Obama is leaping.
That about sums up what has happened over the past month or so, as Trump decided to ask the simple question legions of people have been asking and legions of lawyers have been waging lawsuits about for the past almost-three years: Where’s the birth certificate?

Instantly, the craven media and assorted Hollywood types who have been effectively conspiring with Team Obama to keep all aspects of his life hidden from public view mobilized to quash Trump, as usual choosing Rule #12 from the Chicago Marxist Saul Alinsky’s famous book, Rules for Radicals: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” In essence, go after your enemy personally and not his business because people are more vulnerable and hurt faster than institutions.

But whoever was responsible for the vast media blackout on the birth-certificate subject never counted on a person like Trump, who is immune to intimidation or threats. In short, they were messing with the wrong person.

Here is but a small sample of how “in the bag” the media were – even before Obama tried to come clean:

▪ Lisa Myers from NBC-TV, introduced here by another Obama apologist David Gregory.

▪ Candy Crowley from CNN-TV:

▪ George Stephanopoulos from ABC-TV.

▪ “The View” from NBC-TV.

▪ Suzanne Malveaux from CNN-TV

▪ Jerry Seinfeld took on Trump and Trump swatted him away like a gnat.

▪ Robert DeNiro took on Trump and Trump swatted him away like a gnat.

▪ Bill Cosby took on Trump and Trump swatted him away like a gnat.

▪ Karl Rove took on Trump: Swat!

▪ David Letterman took on Trump: Swat!

▪ Lawrence O’Donnell took on Trump: Swat!

Those buzzing gnats – most of them surrogates for Obama – were easy-to-dismiss distractions to the mogul Trump. And when Trump followed up the birth-certificate subject by asking the exquisitely logical question that every parent with a teenager applying to college wonders – how could a not-too-bright student with so-so grades get into not one but two Ivy League schools – leftists became apoplectic, invoking, ala newsman Bob Schieffer, the main weapon they carry in their arsenal of projected character flaws: Racism!…” Read more at the New Media Journal