Trump Just Secured My Vote With This One Poll



Politico reports that 25% of federal employees would quit if Trump wins according to a new Government Business Council poll. Yay! That could secure my vote. I was undecided before this but if we can get rid of 25% of these malcontents, partisans, and goof-offs, I’m going for Trump.

While 67% would stay, 14% would not and 11% might leave and 42% of Democrats would exit.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Most bizarrely, 59 percent said they would be embarrassed to have Trump as president, compared to 49 percent who said the same for Hillary Clinton, 45 percent who would be embarrassed with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, 37 percent with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and just 20 percent for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

Sanders isn’t the most embarrassing? An angry red diaper baby isn’t embarrassing? You see who are in these jobs right?

Another 56% of the Democrats surveyed said they’d support Obama for a third term over their current choices.

Of course they are self-serving liars. You can work for the federal government with great perks and never get fired no matter how incompetent. They aren’t going to leave their cushy jobs in a hundred years.


    they’re not just “malcontents, partisans, and goof-offs”
    …they’re OTHERWISE UNfireABLE malcontents, partisans, and goof-offs!

    SO: having them QUIT of their own volition is as good as a “taxpayer relief shot”
    of a mugger/housebreaker/rapist.


  2. Chuckle, pretty much why I gave up on polls a long time ago. Moreover, when they do manage to get me to remain on the phone I usually lie out my wazoo.

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