Trump Really Struggled to Replace Susan Rice


Imagine having a qualified general as National Security Advisor. Of course we will miss Susan Rice! General Flynn just doesn’t have a background in video reviews. If Barack needed someone to go out and lie, Susan was right there for him. Remember when she concocted that story on the Sunday shows about Benghazi. There were some guys protesting, she said, and then some terrorists happened by (armed with RPGs no less), and then it grew from there. That was creative, you’ve got to admit.

We will not miss Susan Rice’s dispersions before foreign powers. Remember when she called Israel, our ally and the only democracy in a very treacherous region, an occupying force and when she said Americans hate Arabs.

Susan Rice misled the American people five days after the attack on our Benghazi consulate during her appearances on five Sunday News Shows. Rice had all the classified information about Benghazi when she lied on the Sunday shows. She was the Ambassador to the UN at the time. After that spectacle, she was promoted to National Security Advisor.

She said she had no regrets about lying to the American people!

We also have fond memories of Rice telling CBS in a 60 minutes interview, “I don’t have time to think about a false controversy” when she was asked about Benghazi.

Lt. Col. Peters said that her strategies were worthy of a ‘bumper sticker’. The strategy, Susan Rice exclaimed, was secure, values, a rules-based national order, defend, expand (prosperity), leverage (US leadership). 

It was “mush”, Peters said, “The yogurt I had for breakfast had more intellectual structure,” he continued. “There’s no there there”.


  1. “…and when she said Americans hate Arabs.”

    not a fan of ms. rice but…
    the sanctions we placed on iraq ‘before’ the invasion resulted in over a million dead, about half were kids.
    did we think saddam would cut his household budget?

    in the first week of the iraq ‘war’ we destroyed what was left of their infrastructure, electricity and water.
    within two months mr. bremer dismantled the army and law enforcement; between our bullets, the insurgents
    and the ensuing sub-standard living conditions another million or so died in the following years; but some were lucky,
    a confirmed three and a half million were able to escape and now live in refugee camps. some of those folks living in tents have degrees, all of them have children.
    do we hate arabs? just say’n…b

    • I agree but she was saying it to stir the pot or she is too stupid to know she is stirring the pot. Americans don’t hate Arabs. The tactics of war are something we had no control over. We didn’t get a vote on going to war either. I know why Bush did it but I didn’t want him to do it.

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