Trump Responds to Alabama Race As Bernie Sanders Cheers


Democratic Soros candidate Doug Jones won the Alabama senate seat with 49.9% of the vote to 48.4% of the vote. Democrat Doug Jones had 671,151 votes while Republican Roy Moore had 650,436 votes. The write-in votes came to 1.7% and destroyed Moore’s chances.

Write-ins were encouraged by the leftists and RINOs who worked hard to get out the vote and squelch the Republican vote. They succeeded. We had better pray it doesn’t continue to work.

Currently, they are out to destroy President Trump over sexual allegations. Luis Gutierrez spent his questioning during today’s hearing with Rod Rosenstein going over every allegation made so far against the President.

Republicans came out with only 50% of the voters that turned out for Trump while Democrats only lost .8% of their voters. Thank George Soros’s groups who persevered in their get out the vote effort to turn Alabama.

Doug Jones is closer to Bernie Sanders in ideology than to any normal Democrat.  Check out Bernie Sanders in the photo cheering as the announcement is made that Jones won.

About yesterday’s race for the Senate where the Schumer toady won, the President said, “I will say we have to get more senators and more congressmen that are Republicans elected in ’18 and then you’ll see a lot more of what we are doing right now.” He was referring to the tax bill.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi were out bashing the tax bill Wednesday which is now an emergency with the Alabama Progressive coming to Congress in January. The President said, “They can say all they want about the last administration or even adminstrations. This country was going in the wrong direction from the economic standpoint.”

Watch for Communist Bernie Sanders who appears in the middle of the screen in about 05:50 on the mark. He was behind this man who is pretending he will reach across the aisle. Jones is far-left, no doubt about it. Bernie stayed in the background but was promoting him in Democrat precincts.


  1. Trump is giving his remarks on Tax Reform and it’s too bad Republicans are unable to see the effectiveness of using anecdotal examples of the policy. This is the primary reason Democrats have been SO successful over the years in “connecting” with the public. Trump is fully aware of what it takes to “sell” policies and uses this method over and over again.

    Instead, Ryan gets up there before the press and says, “I don’t want to be TOO wonkish here”. Does he even remotely believe that’s all it takes to convince the public it’s the right thing to do. I wrote the Speaker at the beginning of the year when they were working on Obamacare repeal. I tried to get across the point that whatever the policy it HAS to be SOLD to the public. Instead of a response his email no longer accepted emails. WHAT DOES THAT TELL US.

  2. Ryan is in his own cocoon and if you don’t like his representation of you the voters, well that is just too bad, (T.S.) ryan will never lead this country to any level of greatness. SWaaaaaaaaamp

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