Trump Says Violence at Rallies Caused by Anger at Bad Trade Deals



Donald Trump said people are angry about bad trade deals when he was asked by Jake Tapper about the incident in which a black male protester was punched by an angry old white guy at one of his rallies. Hillary Clinton has used it in her talking points.

JAKE TAPPER: Welcome back to the CNN Republican presidential debate in Miami, Florida. Mr. Trump, I want to start with you in in block. Earlier today a man was arrested and charged with assault after sucker punching a protester at your rally. Today Hillary Clinton, your potential general election opponent clearly indicated see sees this as an issue for the campaign. She said “This kind of behavior is repugnant, we set the tones for our campaigns, we should encourage respect, not violence.” Do you believe you’ve done anything to encourage this kind of violence?

DONALD TRUMP: I hope not. I hope not. We have 25,000, 30,000 people, they come with tremendous love and passion for the country. You’re mentioning one case, I haven’t seen, I heard about it, which I don’t like. When they see what’s going on in this country, they have anger that’s unbelievable. They love this country. They don’t like seeing bad trade deals, higher taxes, they don’t like seeing a loss of their jobs where our jobs have just been devastated. And I know — I mean, I see it. There is some anger. There’s also great love for the country. It’s a beautiful thing in many respects. But I certainly do not condone that at all, Jake.

Trump mentioned that Tapper was talking about one case so Tapper added others.

JAKE TAPPER: Some of your critics point to points you’ve made at these rallies including February 23rd, I’d like to punch him in the face referring to a protesters. February 27th, in the good ol’ days, they’d have knocked him out of seat so fast.

Knock the crap out of them. Knock the hell. I promise you I will pay for the legal fees, I promise, I promise.

DONALD TRUMP: We have some protesters who are bad dudes, they have done bad things. They are swinging, they are really dangerous and they get in there and start hitting people. We had a couple big, strong, powerful guys doing serious damage. If they’re going to be taken out, to be honest, we have to run something. And it’s not me. It’s usually the municipal government, the police because I don’t have guards all over these stadiums. We fill up stadiums. It’s usually the police and, by the way, speaking of the police, we should pay our respects to the police because they are taking tremendous abuse in this country and they do a phenomenal job. So we should truly give our police, they’re incredible we should give them a great deal more respect than they receive.